Will the headband prevent a concussion?

No. No headgear in the world can prevent a concussion. Headgear cannot stop your brain from moving inside your head, hitting your scull from the inside. The risk of a concussion has to do, primarily, with how much force there is at the point of impact. Hidden inside every Forcefield™ headband is a patented pliable polymer layer engineered to absorb and spread out the force of an impact. Forcefield™ headbands absorb a significant amount of the force, so less impact force reaches your head. The risk of injury is less because the amount of force reaching your head is less, as it is with the design of all protective headgear.

Can I wear the headband instead of a helmet?

No. You wear ForceField Protective Headgear™ when a helmet is not the best option, when you’d ordinarily wear a sweatband or headband or nothing at all. ForceField Protective Headgear™ is not a replacement for a helmet and is not for use in any collision sport or any other activity like cycling where protective headgear is already standard equipment.

When can I use ForceField Protective Headgear™ ?

You can use ForceField Protective Headgear™ whenever there is a risk of a fall or a hit to the head and protective headgear is not standard equipment. Toddlers wear protective sweatbands for a few months while practicing new skills, learning to sit, learning to walk, around the house, pulling up on furniture, at the nursery, the playground, on play dates.

What is a CE II certification mark?

(EU) CE II is an internationally recognized and Canadian sanctioned certification mark for headgear used in non-helmeted, non-collision sports and activities. The II in CE II means the safety of the protective component of the product is certified by an accredited organization to perform as claimed: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF HEAD INJURIES BY SIGNIFICANTLY ABSORBING AND DISSIPATING FORCE FROM AN IMPACT AND THEREBY REDUCING THE SEVERITY OF THE IMPACT.

Certification marks are your assurance of thorough testing to ensure both a high level of safety and product quality.


Can I wear my ForceField under a hat, cap, hood, earmuffs, scarf, or bandana?

Yes. Toques, knit caps, hoods, earmuffs, headbands, hats that stretch or scarves, bandanas and coverwraps are all fine to wear over the ForceField™ headband. The protective material of the headband needs to be against your head.

Why are the .ca prices higher than the .com prices for the same product?

You actually save $5 buying from the .ca website. Here’s why.

Canadian .ca prices are $29.95. If you buy from the US, your price would be $36.45 (in Canadian dollars). Before taxes and shipping which you have to pay in either case. Here is the math.

$15 * exchange rate 1.431 = CAN $21.45 + Canada Post $9.952 + Duty up to 5.053 = $36.45 + HST/GST + PST (British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec or Saskatchewan)

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1Parachute is a relatively new, national charitable organization who’s mandate is to prevent injuries and save lives. Parachute is the amalgamation of four, 20 year old organizations: ThinkFirst Canada, Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada and Smart Risk.

Forcefield™ supports Parachute concussion awareness and prevention initiatives by distributing Parachute information to Canadian students, parents, teachers, players and coaches.